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To stay young, healthy, and happy you must use the best strategies to deal with life, otherwise stress will rob you of well being and drive you crazy. This book is full of great ideas, revealing insights, and powerful strategies to reverse a negative direction and go in the opposite, positive direction. It has dozens of practical examples that make it easy to apply to your life.

You need LEVERAGE – extra power to control the factors responsible for most of our troubles – inside are the Master Keys that will give you that leverage to escape stress and achieve more.

Positive Directions reveal the secrets to a more successful life:

“Applying John’s ideas can help you step up to an exceptional life.”
Anthony Robbins Best-selling author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

“I truly believe that this book will help those who have the desire to make a paradigm shift, that will improve their health and ability to act and think spiritually, to make that shift creating a new life and self.”
Bernie Siegel, M.D. author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Prescriptions For Living

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John Ryder, Ph.D.

Psychologist, achievement coach, speaker, and workshop leader.

Member of the: American Psychological Association
International Positive Psychology Association
New York Academy of Sciences
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Cambridge Who’s Who of Professionals


We all know that life can be difficult. I am here to make it easier! Just like you, I have had to overcome plenty of major challenges and hardships in my own life. I have also helped thousands of people to cope more effectively with all kinds of stress, resolve conflicts and achieve their goals. This has compelled me to search for the best solutions to overcome the difficulties we all experience. Would you like a lifetime of valuable knowledge?

Inside are the jewels of
wisdom guaranteed to
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How often have you been at your wits end, frustrated, dealing with difficult people or situations? When you have a bad day what do YOU do? How much time do you spend worrying about the future?

Do you regret some of the “big” decisions you have made? Maybe you just feel tired all the time, lack motivation, as if everyone has drained you of energy? Do you keep sabotaging or blocking yourself? Have you been as successful as you have wanted to be?

We all experience STRESS and “negative” or unwanted events. You certainly wonder why some people seem to be doing better than yourself. Are these people born luckier, smarter, wealthier, or what is it really?

Why do some people enjoy success while others struggle, live with fear, anger, failure and misfortune? I have good news for you, success and happiness are not inherited, they are not based on intelligence, nor talents, wealth, or luck!

Success leaves clues. When you follow the details you begin to notice the true causes and consequences of what really happened. I was trained in hard core science doing academic research. Here are the results of my investigation of how to make life easier.

Escaping stress and enjoying greater success and happiness is based on a set of skills and strategies that anyone can easily learn to use because they are simple.

This book is based on the recent research in POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY which documents how we can get ahead, overcome challenges and enjoy greater well being. This is not about what is wrong with you or life, rather the focus is on what are your strengths and how can you apply them to be healthier and happier.

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After you purchase this book you gain access to an interactive website that gives you a ton of valuable resources that will make you stronger, more flexible, focused, stable, more motivated, and balanced. That is just the beginning.

I give you the information to keep you healthier and happier in mind, body, and spirit. If you want to keep your life going in Positive Directions, read the book and visit website to find everything you need to develop the strongest and healthiest mind any person can have.

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“Psychology adds to its growing new positive orientation from the work of John Ryder who describes a set of viable strategies one can use to deal with life more effectively.”

Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Stanford University
Author of The Lucifer Effect – Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

This is much more than just a BOOK… it will be a fun and excellent RESOURCE to get ahead… It is just a tiny investment (like one meal) in return you will improve your life – lighten the baggage, release some tension, avoid a battle, minimize the stress, resolve a conflict, stop worrying, and achieve a wish or dream you have had for a long time! That’s priceless.


Well, I summarized the main points as “Keys” at the end of each chapter so you can skim quickly thru most of it!

“John Ryder's book answered all my questions about what drives us crazy and what we can really do about it to regain balance and harmony. He is very insightful and easy to understand. He delivers simple to follow tools to make you smile and feel strong, while living in today’s high pressure jungle. Buy it and read every page of it! You will be glad you did.”
A. Brooks, Editor, Talent in Motion Magazine, New York

LEVERAGE is a matter of finding how to get the best result with the most effective means. With a pulley system, one man can easily lift fifty times his weight. The same is true in life, except instead of a pulley, you need the pivotal points to make the biggest changes for yourself. Positive Directions is about helping you gain leverage to make life easier and more fulfilling.

"As a brain scientist who studies stress-related disorders, I know John Ryder understands the biology of our nervous system. Integrating this with clinical experience, a humanistic perspective, and his knowledge of Eastern philosophies have produced an uplifting manual for making positive life changes."
Steven Berman, Ph.D. UCLA Brain Research Institute

“Psychology all too often focuses on the negative and how the individual must spend many years in psychotherapy to undo the negative in his/her life. John Ryder is a positivist, who empowers the individual by providing the tools necessary to change how one thinks and feels. Anyone who reads this book will quickly discover a variety of clever strategies to deal with everyday difficulties in life in a very effective and positive way. This book will help you be more optimistic and positive.”
Paul Michael Ramirez, Ph.D. Chairman, Department of Psychology, Long Island University, Professor, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, Brooklyn, New York

“Dr. Ryder joins the courageous writers like Erich Fromm, Bruno Betelheim, Karen Horney and others in their attempt to translate difficult concepts into practical ideas to improve one’s life. Ryder is as successful as his predecessors. Shifting Polarities has to do with re-directing one’s life so one can focus on what is truly important. Dr. Ryder’s approach is refreshing, liberating and respectful of the individual.

“I hope his ideas, rooted in ancient wisdom and philosophy but re-edited for us in our current life, attain the widespread attention they deserve because of their power to make us better human beings.”
Daniel Araoz, Ed.D., ABPP, NCPsyA., FAPA.
Professor, Long Island University
Author of The Symptom is Not the Whole Story

"Positive Directions is an impressive book. It is full of valuable insights about people and life. More importantly, the skills Dr. Ryder teaches are easy to use and powerful tools to leverage the best from myself and others. I am sure you will enjoy it and utilize it everyday."
Steve Galanis, CEO, Cinema Restaurant Group, New York

"When you read John's wonderful book you begin to understand and evaluate your own mind and ways to improve your life and relationships. He brings a unique skill set, track record and knowledge regarding the brain that few experts possess or can explain in a way that makes sense to most people. Pulling from both Eastern and Western studies, extensive travels, and many client cases he offers up a fascinating book designed to help others achieve greater happiness and success!"
Tony Rubleski, Author of Mind Capture President, Mind Capture Group, Michigan

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This book is based on twenty years of research and analysis. It is organized into 25 chapters, with an appendix, list of references and an index which makes this book an excellent resource. It is full of practical examples that make it easy to follow and apply to your personal life. The text contains 5 figures, 24 tables, 25 illustrations, and questionnaires for self analysis. I also include over 50 of the most memorable and valuable quotes by luminaries through history.

Throughout the book there are many references to resources available on the website for the reader after purchasing the book. Go to the Treasure page and find: Recorded exercises that can be listened to or downloaded Forms with affirmations and questionnaires to download and print. Personality profiles to better understand what are your strengths and limitations. The Strategic Master Plan which allows you to organize and prioritize your goals Pictures and diagrams that help you understand elements in the book Even a bookmark that has a summary of the most important points in the book.

About the Author: John Ryder, Ph.D.

John Ryder, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Manhattan. After earning his doctorate in psychology at the City University of New York, he served as an Assistant Professor at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. His cutting edge research revealed how the brain is wired. This work generated over a dozen research articles. Traveling around the world, he has studied the secrets to a healthy and successful life with many of the most respected leaders of both Western and Eastern traditions. Dr. Ryder has been a consultant to many successful individuals, corporate executives, athletes, and celebrities. He is an advocate of positive psychology and the scientific principles that provide for a greater well being in life. He has shared his expertise on a variety of radio and television shows. A highly requested speaker and workshop leader, he travels and lectures widely.

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Thank you for your interest in my work. Keep going in Positive Directions!